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Edit your Nikon D750 NEF-Files with Capture NX2

This software modifies your Nikon D750 NEF-files so that they can be opened and edited with Capture NX2 with full support of the picture adjustments from your camera.

Support of Nikon Picture Control

All settings you assigned in the camera will be available to Capture NX2: Profiles, Sharpening, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue.

All NEF Raw-Options usable

You can use all combinations of bit-depth and compression (12bit or 14bit, compressed or uncompressed). Anyway.

Workflow Integration

Simply Drag & Drop file(s) on the Application-Icon to convert. NEF4NX2 will start, convert and quit. This operation is scriptable by your OS Tools.

No increasing of filesize

The filesize of your NEF stays exactly the same. No copy necessary. Modifications are done to the original.

Revert Modus

If you may decide in the future to revert the changes and go back to the original file state, it can be done.

In 2014 Nikon drops all support for their software Capture NX2. Nikon has never shown strong commitment in their software development but this announcement frustrated many long-time users of this software. Capture NX2 has big advantages over other raw converters, especially the outstanding picture quality, full support of camera settings, the great control point technology and the saving of (the non-destructive) modifications directly to the raw-file (no additional files or database).

The same days when Nikon drops Capture NX2 they announced a 'replacement' called Capture NX-D. But even now 1 year later this software is a bad, buggy joke compared to its predecessor. Not nearly an alternative.

I am working since 2002 with all Nikon DSLR evolutions and I'm convinced about the excellent workflow with PhotoMechanic and Capture NX (and of course Photoshop if necessary). When I decided to buy Nikon's great new D750 I was aware that I have to think about the problem that Capture NX was not able to open the RAW-fIles created by this camera and that there will never come an update for the software. At first I took another, deeper look at Adobe Lightroom - but again I could not get warm with the workflow and the time it takes to get good results with it.

So I decided to invest some time in finding a solution that Capture NX could open the files. With some research on the internet, own analyzes about the new file format and my knowledge as programmer I found a way to modify a D750 raw-file so that it can be opened by Capture NX2 and edited with its preassigned camera-settings.

I originally wrote the converting part of this software for myself as a simple command-line tool. Then I decided to make this tool available to all nikon photographers which need this functionality too. So I added the graphical user interface because most creative people didn't like to use the terminal (of course).

Most people do not know how many time and experience it takes to create also such a small piece of software. Perhaps I understate if I say it took me all together about 60 hours ( as a professional software-developer).

I don't want to make this application commerical or shareware because this would mean additional effort for creating code for serial-number checking, accounting for annual tax declaration...

Therefore, you can make my day and gift me one of the items from my Wishlist or Wunschliste. I have items there anywhere from under €1 (used) to €100. Surprise me! ;-)

This will take you only 2 minutes but it will honor you as a fair and grateful person and will show me a little bit appreciation for my work.
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Software License Agreement
This is a legal agreement between you (the "Licensee") and Andreas Wagner (the "Author") covering your use of NEF4NX2 (the "Software").
This Agreement is governed by the laws of Germany.
The Author licenses the software only if all the following terms are accepted by the Licensee.
By installing the Software, the Licensee is indicating that he has read and understand this Agreement and that he agrees to its terms and conditions.

When NEF4NX2 completed converting a system notification will appear.

MacOS: If you use 10.7.x please install the free Growl 1.2.2 because MacOS Lion lacks a own notification system.
Growl will be used for notifications also on all later MacOS Versions if installed.


In newer cameras since Mid 2014 (like the D750) Nikon introduced the new processing feature "clarity". This is completely unknown to Capture NX2 and therefore also NEF4NX2 can't make it available.


Capture NX2 would crash while opening a file with one of the crop modes (1.3x, 1.5x) because the required processing was modified by Nikon. Therefore NEF4NX2 will refuse to convert those NEF-files.

Active D-Lighting

All Active D-Lighting options except "Auto" will be recognized and processed from Capture NX2. "Auto" will be handled as option "off" for converted D750 NEF-files. You then have to choose your favored setting manually from the options in Capture NX2 .


A small stripe of 16 pixels on the right and on the bottom will be suppressed by Capture NX2 (6016x4016 cropped to 6000x4000 pixel).


Undoing the file-modifications with the Revert-option (see below) is only possible as long you did not have saved the file in Capture NX2. This is because Capture NX2 rewrites the complete file and thereby adjusts included datastructures. This is a problem for NEF4NX2 in the current version but may be fixed in the future.

I don't get NEF4NX2 to work. It seems not to start. What's wrong?

NEF4NX2 is written in the JAVA-Language. Therefore it needs an installed Java Runtime Environment.
Check your installation as described in the following:

How to check my Java Installation?

If the displayed version number is 1.7 or newer your Java installation is fine.
If the displayed version is lower than 1.7 your Java installation is too old.
If you get a message, that the command was not found, you probably have no Java installation or it is corrupt.
You can download Java 1.7 here.

NEF4NX2 can't be opened on Mac after downloading and unzipping

You may see the error message "" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed".
Since Mac OS 10.9.5 Apple has made a security change which may cause this error. Do this to open the application at the first time: Hold down the Control key while clicking on the NEF4NX2 application-icon in the Finder window. Click "Open" in the popping up context menu. Then click "Open" in the following dialog window.

Which Version of Nikon's Capture NX do I need?

You need Version 2.4.5 or Version 2.4.6. The latest Version 2.4.7 will not open the converted files!

Will other Nikon Camera Models like the D7200 or D810 be supported?

Due to demand I invested some more hours in trying to convert also NEF files from the Nikon D7200 and D810.
The D7200 processing seems similar to the D750 so it works in general but has the restriction that the contrast of the resulting, converted NEF is a little bit different in CNX2 in direct comparison to the representation of NX-D. If you can live with this limitation, use NEF4NX2 also for your D7200 files and be happy!
The D810 is much more complicated due to the different black level processing - so I decided to stop working at this point.
Because of the little/not existing documentation of the Nikon imageprocessing-internals it doesn't make sense for me to invest more time without limit to solve problems for camera-types I don't own. Sorry for you.

Why are converted files displayed as from a NIKON 5300?

Capture NX2 checks at opening a NEF-file if it was created by a supported camera-type. The D750 was not existing when the latest Version of Capture NX2 was developed. Therefore files marked as D750 are refused by Capture NX2. Instead NEF-Files from the D5300 are known by Capture NX2 (since Version 2.4.5) and have the most similarities with those from a D750. That's the reason why NEF4NX2 must change the camera-type to D5300.

If converting failed, how can I get detailed information?

NEF4NX2 creates the file NEF4NX2-0.log You can find it:

How to revert converted files to their original state?

Start NEF4NX2 with Double-Click. A window will be opened where you can select files which you want to revert. Activate the checkbox "Reverse" and then click "Convert".